Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Post disaster activity includes recovery

Post disaster activity includes recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruntion.
Activity on post disaster stages aims the recovery process of the effected community by re-functioning the facilities and infrastructures as it was. At this stage we must consider that rehabilitation and reconstruction should fulfill the disaster principles; physical rehabilitation is a must but psychological rehabilitation such as fear, trauma or depression has to be handled also.

Besides that, disaster will effect cruelly the most vulnerable groups like children, women, the elderly and people with physical limitations who need particular attention. Disaster will also give tremendous impact on the health of effected areas. Number of communicable diseases may increase, particularly infectious disease caused by water and soil. In addition, increasing cases of mental illness can be observed. therefore, the comprehensive and sustainable approaches are needed to cope with physical health ( free from physical illness ) and mental health.

Living in vulnerable areas should give us some pressure that we should prepare for such disasters as well as possible. Good and sustainable planning also will make us think rationally in facing disaster situation. This thinking enables to minimize victims and other possible impacts. The community and government need to fully aware that we live in prone area, therefore disaster may srike anytime, suddenly. Disaster mitigation or risk reduction and its anticipative actions are absolute to live side by side with disasters. It also takes strong political will of government to prioritize disaster mitigation program by conducting risk assessment, early warning and preparedness to face disaster and other socialization activities to the community.

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