Friday, April 16, 2010

How does individual respond to a disaster

1. Immediate individual response ( 24 hours ) Following disater :
  • Tense, worried, panic
  • Glued, absent-minded, shocked, do not believe it
  • Happy or euphoria,
  • Tired, confused
  • Anxious, crying, isolated, withdrawal
  • Feel guilty
2. First until third week post disaster
  • Worried, alert, sensitive, easily angry, difficult to sleep
  • worried, very sad
  • Re-experiencing the event
  • Sad
  • Remaining positive reactions: expect or think about future, involved activities for help and relief
3. More than three weeks after the disaster
Reaction shown can be permanent and it is indicated with :
  • Tired
  • Feel Panic
  • Continuous sadness, pessimistic and unrealistic thinking
  • Do not conduct activities, isolated and withdrawal
  • Anxiety which is indicated with physical signs such as palpitations, dizzy, tired, queasy, headache, etc.
4. Response after disaster within the period of more than three weeks
  • Some survivors can get acute mental disorder. This may occur from few weeks to several months following the disaster
  • Form or disorder includes : acute reaction to stress, sorrow and grieve, diagnosed mental disorder, adaptation disorder

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